It was during 2013 that I attended a workshop on organic food gardening.  Soon after I tried my first veggie garden at home – and it worked.  I was amazed to find how a small garden can provide in our family’s needs.  It changed my life!  It became a passion!


As a fervent advocate for environmental caring I decided to share my knowledge and experience with others.  Organic gardening has much to do with ecological restoration.  I had read many articles and other sources on organic food gardening.  I started with two very basic and simple practical workshops for younger school children.  It was a great success.  But then the parents got interested and suddenly I was presenting more workshops one after the other for adults.  I developed my own workshop material and now I live out my passion – enabling others to establish their own veggie gardens.

Purpose Statement

We enable families, schools, churches and NPO’s to establish and maintain their own organic vegetable gardens to become self-sufficient in providing their own food.

Guiding Principles

  • Environmental Caring  –  taking the environment into consideration when gardening.
  • Low Cost  –  keeping costs as low as possible, making use of recyclable materials.
  • Simplicity  –  keeping things simple and effective.
  • Wellness  –  celebrating life through enjoyment and fulfilment of gardening.


  • Reaching out to schools, churches and NPO’s countrywide establishing veggie gardens on their premises through workshops.
  • Reaching out to disadvantaged communities enabling them to grow their own food.